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Natalia's journey of self-acceptance.

Natalia's journey of self-acceptance.

We are thrilled to share Natalia's story. Apart from her personal journey towards grey, she played an invaluable role in helping other women in Latin America and Spain find the courage and support to go grey. Enjoy her story!  Love,  Silvina X

“I discovered my first grey hairs at 19, the start of a battle against time. Highlights became my shield in a society that prized youth. By 30, my hair was practically white. Concealing my silver hair became a daunting and damaging task, both for my scalp and my soul... Each salon visit was torture, physically and emotionally,” recalls Natalia.

In 2019, Natalia decided to stop dyeing her hair, marking the beginning of her self-acceptance journey. Faced with doubt and prejudice, she reckons she learned patience, kindness, and the importance of authenticity along the path.

In 2020, she connected with Lala on Instagram, who was also undergoing a transition to grey hair. Together, they decided to establish the account @Sisoncanas (meaning, "Yes, it is Grey Hair" in Spanish), dedicated to supporting Spanish-speaking women on their grey hair journey. Since its inception in 2020, @Sisoncanas has already empowered more than 35,000 women during their transition to grey.

Today, Natalia happily embraces her white hair (Yes, Natalia’s hair is stunningly white) with pride, realising that value lies in self-love and confidence. She says: “Authenticity shines brighter than any hair colour. My journey reminds me: we define our own value, regardless of hair colour or age."

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