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Silvina LONDON Shampoo: Evening Standard's Top Pick for Beautiful Grey Hair

Silvina LONDON Shampoo: Evening Standard's Top Pick for Beautiful Grey Hair

Hello, my lovely grey-haired community in London and beyond,

I hope this message finds you all embracing your beautiful silver strands with confidence and pride. It brings me immense joy to share some exciting news with you – Silvina LONDON has been honoured with a prestigious accolade! 🎉

Our passion for providing top-notch grey hair care has been recognised by none other than the Evening Standard, who has named our Silvina LONDON Shampoo as their "Top Pick" for the best shampoo for grey hair. You can read the full article here: Evening Standard Best Shampoos for Grey Hair.

In the article, you'll discover the key takeaways about what makes our shampoo stand out in the world of grey hair care. The Evening Standard praises our unique formula that fights brassiness without turning your hair blue, thanks to the precision of naturally derived pigments. They also applaud the hydrating power of our shampoo and conditioner, enriched with coconut oil, hemp seed oil, rose-hip oil, and aloe vera. Plus, they acknowledge that our products are curly hair method-friendly.

I couldn't be prouder of this achievement, and it's all thanks to your trust and support. Please take a moment to read the full article and learn more about why Silvina LONDON is the go-to choice for maintaining and celebrating your gorgeous grey locks.

Thank you for being a part of our journey towards ageing gracefully and feeling your absolute best. 🌟

With warmth and gratitude, 

Silvina NEDER, Founder, Silvina LONDON