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Based on 87 reviews
Shiny happy silvers!

This is the best silver shampoo I’ve tried - and I’ve tried a LOT! It’s purple but not TOO purple - so no mess or staining or ‘blue rinse’ look - it just keeps hair fresh, bright, soft & shiny. Love its clean formula & the conditioner is great too, a little goes a long way. I took it on holiday & my silvers stayed bright even with the sun ☀️

Curly grey hair

Best products I’ve used for my naturally curly grey hair now I’m in my late 50’s

hair products

very good products hair condition improved greatly

gilly bennett
Nice products

Only fault is hard to get conditioner out,but pleased with products.

Grey Hair

I’ve just used the shampoo a couple of times so far. It lathers well, easy to rinse out and I need very little conditioner. My Grey hair is nice and bright which I like but not too bright… if that makes sense. Some other shampoos Ive tried have left my hair a little to ‘blue’ I only reason I'm giving 4* I would like to use it for longer before I could give it 5*

Perfect for Grey Frizzy Hair

Love this shampoo and conditioner my hair is manageable and has a new life. I’ve been using it for a few months now and can’t do without it.

Silvina Shampoo and Conditioner.

Light and shiny finish using these products. At last my hair feels clean fresh and bright.

At last!

A shampoo I actually like that doesn't feel like it has stripped all the good stuff from my hair! It's purple but doesn't stain and leaves my hair clean and soft. Love it.

Natalie Mccarthy

Hair is left soft and shiny, brings out the sliver in the grey will buy again,

Marianne Conrad
Great shampoo and conditioner

I have been trying to grow out my gray hair for the past two years but I have always gone back to the salon. My hair always looked dull. This is the first shampoo and conditioner I’ve used that my hair is much brighter, and the gray hair is not frizzy. I’m really excited to keep using it and can’t wait to see what happens. I have no desire to go back to the salon. Love it!!


Very pleased with product although I have only used it twice so far on my short grey hair. It does what it says and I will continue to use it. It is a great improvement on other brands I have used. I highly recommend this.


First experience

I am about a year into my journey with grey hair. My base colour is blond with highlights - although these have nearly grown out so the grey streaks have taken over. The shampoo makes my hair squeaky clean, lifts the dull colour and makes it feel soft not frizzy. The natural ingredients do not irritate my dry scalp and the shampoo has a pleasant smell. All round thumbs up. 👍

Eileen McGarry
Great for Gray!!!

Hair is softer, shines, and is easier to style. However the price is a bit steep. Maybe you only get what you pay for:)

Really pleased with shampoo it leaves hair soft and shiny

Everyday Shampoo for Grey Hair

This shampoo made my hair extremely knotty and I experienced more hair fall than normal. Only hero ingredients appear to be listed and not the rest of the chemicals. Given the fact the cost was £27, I am unhappy I was refused a refund

Dear Jan,

We sincerely apologise for your dissatisfaction, but it's important to note that we cannot facilitate returns for products that have been used. Selecting the right hair products can indeed involve some trial and error, as what works well can vary depending on individual hair types.

Regarding your feedback on Silvina London Shampoo, it appears unusual given that numerous customers have expressed their satisfaction through five-star reviews. Personally, I (Silvina) use the shampoo daily, and I've noticed a significant improvement in the health and appearance of my hair. Even those users with fine hair have experienced enhanced hair growth, increased shine, and overall healthier hair. I regret that you've labelled the shampoo as a 'bad product' when it might be an issue specific to your hair type.

Is it possible that there's an ingredient in the shampoo that doesn't agree with your hair, unbeknownst to you? Consulting a trichologist could be a helpful step as they can identify any ingredient intolerances you may have, aiding you in selecting more suitable products. I have an influencer with silver hair who was eager to try Silvina London but discovered an ingredient intolerance, preventing her from doing so, unfortunately.

You mentioned that only the key ingredients are listed, but the complete ingredient list is provided both on our website and the product bottles.The chemicals are kept to a minimum (7 and 8 % respectively) and are used to ensure they maintain the ideal condition.

Additionally, the price of the shampoo is £24, not £27, and many customers find it to be a cost-effective option as only a small amount is needed for effective results.

Once again, I apologise for your less-than-ideal experience, and I hope your review encourages those who suspect they may have ingredient intolerances to thoroughly review the ingredient lists (I will definitely include a note to encourage individuals to do so).

All the best

Silvina & SL London Team

Really pleased with my purchase

I was not sure when washing my hair with Silvina for the first time that I was applying the shampoo correctly as it does not make hardly any lather, but, the end results confirm that my hair does not need lots of bubbles to wash out! My hair looks shiny and texture feels softer.

Lovely product

Can already tell the difference it makes to my hair after only a short time. My greying hair was becoming frizzy and coarse before using Silvina, now I have soft and bouncy curls. Looking forward to a Silvina styling product! Also great that it is mostly from naturally derived ingredients.

A great transition to gray boost!

I decided to go to my natural gray. In searching advocates and role models I discovered this product. I also only want to use safe ingredients for both myself and the environment. That said, I think itvworks perfectly with my curly hair. I can see the lustre and vibrance it is lending to my gray. It would be interesting to see a styling product should you wish to expand. Time will tell as my gray grows out but I am glad Silvina London is part of the experiment.

Great hair products

I love the Silvina hair products and excellent responsive service. Silvina company responds very well to personal opinions and needs. Excellent 👍

Loving the products

Only used a few times but already feeling the difference. My hair is coming to life again. Thankyou for fabulous products

Silver Love

I'm 11 months into my silvertransformation. I searched for products, which I could use daily and on my dyed ends too. I'm really excited, shampoo and conditioner make my hair soft and shiny, I love your products. I hope you come to Germany soon.

Beautiful product

Really happy with my purchase of this shampoo and conditioner. Leaves my hair feeling so nice. The smell is lovely as well!


I have tried them all and have finally found my answer.
Both the shampoo and the conditioner are absolutely amazing.
Please do not change a thing. Patricia from Canada


I have been using this shampoo for just over a month now. I love how it is making my hair look and feel.