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Embracing minimalism: how pursuing simplicity inspired this grey hair care line

Embracing minimalism: how pursuing simplicity inspired this grey hair care line

My path to minimalism began with a desire for clarity and peace of mind. While I don't consider myself a fundamentalist of minimalism—I still love clothes, shoes, and other beautiful things—I aim to keep my possessions to only those I truly love, bring me joy, and use often. Inspired by several enlightening books, many authored by Japanese writers like Fumio Sasaki, amongst others, I embraced the minimalist philosophy, learning the art of decluttering and the beauty of simplicity. This approach has brought more space, free time, and serenity into my life.

Decluttering my diary has also brought immense peace. It has been, and sometimes still is, challenging to say no to commitments that won't fulfil my life or help others. However, prioritising my time for activities and people that truly matter has been a crucial step towards achieving a balanced and serene lifestyle. Learning to value my time as much as my space has been a transformative part of this journey, allowing me to focus on what genuinely enriches my life.

Minimalism has taught me that true luxury lies in simplicity and intentionality. Books like Dominique Loreau's "L'art de la Simplicité" have reinforced the idea that by curating my belongings and my schedule, I've discovered a deeper appreciation for the things and moments that bring real joy. This newfound clarity has not only improved my personal life but also influenced how I approach my business and the products I offer.

This philosophy seamlessly translates into Silvina LONDON's grey hair care line. Our products embody minimalism by offering a straightforward, effective routine. With just one shampoo that you can use with every wash, there's no need to swap to non-blue shampoos, simplifying your hair care. Our conditioner doubles as a hair mask when left on, aligning with simplicity by eliminating the need for multiple products. This not only reduces the number of items in your shower but also lightens your load when traveling, freeing you from the hassle of planning a complex routine. Embrace simplicity and let Silvina LONDON bring elegance and ease to your grey hair care.