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How to wear colours with grey hair

How to wear colours with grey hair

by KATE, from Rummy Cosmetics

Whether you have been dedicated to your grey hair journey for years or have made the silver switch just recently – it’s important you know what compliments the hairstyle effortlessly and what you might want to avoid.
Even if you’re still thinking of it, it’s actually very interesting to know! Grey hair is, of course, a true magic of nature and it by any means does not indicate a certain age anymore. Let’s leave that out-dated stereotype behind!

Grey hair is grace, power and effortlessly chic elegance.
As with every change of hairstyle and especially hair colour, it might require some revision in your wardrobe. Even if you made the change from, for example, blonde to brunette or vice versa, some colours or particular styles of clothing might not suit you anymore.
When going grey it might be that some colours in clothing just make you look kind of dull or washed out which isn’t something you would prefer perhaps.
Well, we have to make a disclaimer, even though it’s probably clear where we stand – it is not by any means a set of rules you have to obey. If these colours do not suit your grey hair because of it’s undertone or you just hate wearing the colours we mention – do whatever you are comfortable with and find to work for YOUR body type, colour of the skin and hair etc..
Now, let’s dive in!

All White 

There are many ladies (including myself at times) that much rather wear neutral, muted tones and avoid pretty much any bright colours. Except for an occasional red lip, of course!
Sticking to white, black and navy is a perfect way to play it safe, but still look stunning, bringing the attention to your lovely grey hair.
When choosing the whites, it is advised to lean towards pure white instead of creamy, off-white shades. Why, you might ask… the whites that have a yellow undertone might bring out the yellow in your hair, making it a rather different tone you had intended it to.
It also, needless to say, depends on the type of colour tones that suit you best de facto. Do you wear silver or gold jewellery? Would you look better in a navy jumper or an orange one?
Again, nothing should be too certain! Play around and don’t follow ALL the rules you read online. Sometimes it’s better to let your inner feelings (or compliments from your loved ones) guide you. What do you feel most beautiful in?

Blueish Green & Greyish Green
These tones will work for both, pure silvers and salt & pepper ladies. Such cool tones will surely help your hair steal the show whilst making you look fresh and radiant.
It’s also a choice that will work with many different skin tones, which is always lovely, in my opinion.
Want to add some drama? A berry lip colour or some blush (or both!) of the same tone will contribute to an outstanding appearance!
Talking about drama…
Bright red doesn’t always have to stay on your nails and lips. Yes, I’m talking to myself primarily.
It’s time we stop being so afraid of standing out and making a statement. It’s actually much more that just a piece of clothing you wear, it’s a language with which you speak to the world non-verbally.
It’s powerful, yet offsets grey hair in a truly beautiful way.


There are known suggestions for silver ladies to avoid pastels since they might have a tendency to make the grey complexion appear dull and tasteless.
However! I do not agree. In my very personal opinion, lavender looks beautiful on silver-haired ladies! It’s just so feminine, so soft and truly beautiful.
Think of periwinkle colour! Now, isn’t that stunning in the form of a dress or a light cardigan?
So we really are the ones who set the rules, ok.

Will you Berry me?

Grey hair paired with vibrant and rich berry tones is pure magic. Try it yourself! A light coat or a jumper in raspberry shade will be your best friend this spring. Ooops, I did say spring! There is no turning back!
These tones will deepen your hair tone and serve as a powerful move without being too much, you know. We sometimes want to be bold, but there is a fine line to appearing a bit too pushy or arrogant.

All In Blues

You can’t go wrong with jewel tones if you have grey hair, so all the royal blues will make it pop!
If you prefer lighter shades, some beautiful denim jackets will work or perhaps a more subtle dusty blue colour.


Same as the blue! It’s better to choose a very bright tone or opt for a cooler, more muted tone. It completely depends on your complexion and taste.
Rose gold is also considered to be a flattering choice for grey-haired ladies. Its warm undertone helps add colour to your complexion, adding some richness to your skin tone as well. But since it's still metallic, the hue won't wash you out like other warm tones might.
A very lovely option for a dinner with friends, especially in spring and summer!


I thought I’ll round everything up with a legendary classic. In every woman’s wardrobe will you find something black and it is so for a reason!
What a beautiful contrast the black creates against your naturally or coloured grey locks. It serves as a bold backdrop for your grey strands and let’s be honest – with this combination you truly can’t go wrong!
In case you feel a bit lost in an all-black outfit, consider some vibrant blush, a pop of colour on the lips or accessories of your choice. A very easy, yet elegant look!
All in all, playing with different colours and their undertones might feel overwhelming when transitioning to grey hair, but once you’ll get a grip of it, you’ll never look back!

Now, let's prove that every colour can look good with grey hair!