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My Life in Beauty: Meet the Grey Hair Model & Influencer Shaking Up The Hair Industry

My Life in Beauty: Meet the Grey Hair Model &  Influencer Shaking Up The  Hair Industry

Author: Tamara Corin, at THE HANDBOOK

Argentinian model Silvina Neder is looking to change the narrative around grey hair. After moving to London in 2015, Silvina decided to embrace her natural grey hair – which in turn, set about a whole career change and the recent launch of her own haircare line, and is shaking up the mainstream haircare categories – fast!

Check out those hashtags like #GreyHairDontCare or #SilverFox. It’s a whole community proudly showing off their stunning silver strands. The fashion and beauty scene are catching on too. You’ll find models and influencers proudly rocking their natural greys, breaking those beauty stereotypes, and showing that beauty is ageless.

Here, the inspiring 50-something reveals her love for beauty products, past and present and tells us how to begin our own grey hair journey.

What’s your first beauty memory?

When I was around 10/11 years old, I saw a beautiful teenage girl with a kind of cup haircut in a magazine, and I decided I wanted my hair cut just like that. What I didn’t consider is that the girl in the photo had straight hair, and mine was incredibly curly. The hairdresser tried to discourage me from chopping, but I insisted, so I left the salon with a kind of balloon over my head. I think it was then that I learned the difference between curly and straight hair!

What are your go-to hair treatments?

My treatments are more about avoiding certain ingredients rather than adding products.

I only use products that don’t contain silicones, parabens, or sulphates. But mainly, I avoid keratin after a terrible treatment 15 years ago, which left me with damaged hair and broken split ends. As my hair tends to go very dry, I choose shampoos and conditioners that are very hydrating and contain lots of oils (like my own!) I love them as they have coconut oil, hempseed oil, and rosehip oil, amongst other hydrating ingredients, and have black oat extract, which helps my hair grow too.

How do you switch off from a busy and demanding job like modelling and then find the time to work on your brand Silvina LONDON?

I try to avoid modelling jobs that are very demanding physically, because I need the energy to work on my brand, to still be creative and able to make decisions – running a business is all about making quick and important decisions all the time.

It is hard to switch off, as there is always something that could be better written, better designed; an email, a social media comment to respond, a post in mind, etc. But I am good at respecting my “other activities” (yoga, walks, rowing) times. I always say that for every training session, yoga class, walk, etc, there is always an urgency to use as an excuse to skip it, so I leave the urgencies aside and stick to my routines. (However, there are days when I wake up and put on my yoga tights to do yoga in the morning, and I end up in front of the computer with my yoga tights still on by 7pm having not done any yoga.)

Where, what or who is your inspiration for product development?

In the last years I have been inspired by all those entrepreneurs who have created independent brands. When I see a new brand on social media or at an independent shop, I read why its founder created it and what makes the products special. I think that contrary to massive corporations whose main reason is profitability, there are amazing, brave, and creative entrepreneurs out there who truly want to bring something different to the world to help people with the same needs as them.

What beauty advice would you give your twenty-year-old self?

Enjoy your skin, your energy, love your natural curls, your colour, and your shape.

Embrace difference. When I was 20, we all had to look the same: thin, with straight hair, preferably blonde. I love how young people now celebrate their individual style and look so confident doing so.

And eat 70% healthy (30% do/ eat/ drink what you want and enjoy!) Keep a steady exercise routine to be strong that will show in your 50s and always make time to have a good rest.

Do you have any wellbeing rituals?

I have lots. Cleansing my skin every day (I have never gone to sleep wearing make-up in my life, not even once!) Exercising at least a little every day. Being outdoors as much as I can. Cycling instead of using the car (this is also for the planet and much faster) and doing yoga at least 3 times per week.

Investing in knowing myself, reflecting on what I want, what I stand for, what my purpose is, and being honest with that. Working on “not wanting” what I don’t have.

Spending a healthy time with my loved ones and not taking myself too seriously. Nobody actually cares.

What’s on your beauty repeat list?

I’m currently in love with Balance Me Skin Care products, especially the face oil, which I apply daily for 5 minutes of face yoga, following the Luminous Face Yoga routines. Tempted? Follow the expert in the know to give your face a workout

I also love the foot care products from Mii Cosmetics, make-up from Code Beautiful (basics that work) and Lisa Eldridge’s makeup line.

I devore a bottle of body lotion every two weeks, I tend to stick to pharmacy brands.

And for my hair, of course Silvina LONDON. I have been using the shampoo and the conditioner exclusively every day since the trials started three years ago, and I sometimes use a hair mask from Boucleme.

Where do you shop for special and unique beauty finds?

Mostly online, I discover brands on Instagram. I am lucky because I am approached by independent brands who offer me products, so I have the chance to discover gems that I often adopt.

When I lived in Argentina in my youth, I used to buy big luxury brands at at the duty-free (that were not available there at that time), but now we have the chance to find independent, natural brands online.

What are your makeup bag heroes?

A good concealer is a must. I mix a Code Beautiful concealer with an illuminator from Lisa Eldridge to create the perfect shade.

Also, I can’t live without my Truyu lash curler and mascara from Code Beautiful, oh and an eyebrow definer from Iris & Romeo. Absolute heroes.

What are your relaxation staples?

Going to sleep super early every night, knowing I have enough hours to relax, read and recover. Also, the meditation, breathing and chanting parts of my yoga practices. I didn’t believe much in this when I started practising yoga many years ago, but as I got into the practice, all these other layers became as important as the physical parts.

And having some time to do nothing, really nothing, I love that.

And finally, what advice would you give your followers who are tempted to start their grey hair journey?

The starting point is making the decision. Being sure that you want to go grey is paramount. The transition takes many months and there will be moments when you feel tempted to go back to colour. So being determined is key. And consider your styling – wear colour, make-up, or anything you like to look your best. I always say that it is not “grey hair” which makes you look old, it’s your full style which counts.